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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26894TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitSwitzerlandFruitSchinz Dr Hans, Zurich
26949TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitSwitzerlandFruit
26970TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitSwitzerlandFruit
27087TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitUnited KingdomFruitReid C
54880 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitsChinaFruitsSeeman Dr
54881 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitsChinaFruitsStubbs Mrs J, RBG Kew
54882 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitsThailandFruitsInter Health Exhib
54883 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansHooly powder from fruits & Butea flowersIndiaHooly powder from fruits & Butea flowersIndia Museum
54884 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitsIndiaFruitsIndia Museum
54885 TRAPACEAE Trapa natansFruitsIndiaFruits

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