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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36607TACCACEAE Tacca spArrowrootArrowrootPharm Soc GB
37035 TACCACEAE Tacca leontopetaloidesTubersTubersDr Baikie's Niger Expedition
37036TACCACEAE Tacca pinnatifidaTuberTuberImp Inst
37037TACCACEAE Tacca spStarch from leavesStarch from leavesDr Livingstone's ExpeditionKirk Dr
37038TACCACEAE Tacca pinnatifidaPia from leaf stalkSwitzerlandPia from leaf stalkWalser P & Co
37039TACCACEAE Tacca pinnatifidaArrowrootFijiArrowrootSeemann Dr
37040TACCACEAE Tacca pinnatifidaArrowrootFijiArrowrootCol & Ind Exhib
37041TACCACEAE Tacca leontopetaloidesStarch prepared from tubersStarch prepared from tubersBarter C
37042TACCACEAE Tacca pinnatifidaArrowrootFijiArrowrootPharm Soc GB
37043TACCACEAE Tacca oceanicaArrowrootFrench PolynesiaArrowrootPharm Soc GB

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