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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26390STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisWoodSouth AfricaWoodInternational Exhib. 1862
29647 STRELITZIACEAE Phenakospermum guianenseTomentum from seedsGuyanaTomentum from seedsJenman GS
29648 STRELITZIACEAE Phenakospermum guianenseSeedsGuyanaSeedsJenman GS
29649STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeMadagascarFruit of Travellers TreeEllis Rev M
29650STRELITZIACEAE Ravenala madagascariensisFruit of Travellers TreeTrinidad and TobagoFruit of Travellers TreeHart JH
29651 STRELITZIACEAE Strelitzia albaSeedsSouth AfricaSeedsHowes FN
29652STRELITZIACEAE Strelitzia albaFibreMauritiusFibreColonial & Indian Exhibition
29653 STRELITZIACEAE Strelitzia albaSeedsSouth AfricaSeedsBenet GB
29654 STRELITZIACEAE Phenakospermum guianenseFruits on stem of Travellers TreeFruits on stem of Travellers TreeHarrison SG, Persaud R
38905STRELITZIACEAE Phenakospermum guianenseFruiting BranchGuyanaFruiting BranchJenman GS

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