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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
24495SMILACACEAE Smilax helferiWoodMalaysiaWoodPhyt. Surv. Mal. Herb.T & P
26442SMILACACEAE Smilax calophyllaWoodMalaysiaWoodPhyto. Chem. Surv.
36474SMILACACEAE Smilax asperaFrancePharm Soc GB
36475SMILACACEAE Smilax surinamensisSurinam sarsparillaSurinameSurinam sarsparillaPharm Soc GB
36480SMILACACEAE Smilax glaucaRootBrazilRootPharm Soc GB
36481SMILACACEAE Smilax officinalisPharm Soc GB
36482SMILACACEAE Smilax chinaChina root rhizomesChina root rhizomesPharm Soc GB
36483SMILACACEAE Smilax ornataPharm Soc GB
36495SMILACACEAE Smilax japicangaRootRootPharm Soc GB
36496SMILACACEAE Smilax ovalifoliaRootSri LankaRootPharm Soc GB

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