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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
40958SCHISANDRACEAE Schisandra nigraFruitsJapanFruitsChristy T
40959SCHISANDRACEAE Kadsura roxburghianaStem sectionsStem sectionsHooker Sir JD
40960SCHISANDRACEAE Kadsura japonicaFruitChinaFruitBickford TL
40961SCHISANDRACEAE Schisandra elongataFruitFruitHooker Sir JD
40962SCHISANDRACEAE Schisandra axillarisFruitFruitHooker Sir JD
42001SCHISANDRACEAE Schizandra spFruitJapanFruitPharm Soc GB
42025 SCHISANDRACEAE Schizandra chinensisFruitFruitPharm Soc GB
42035SCHISANDRACEAE Schizandra axillarisRootIndiaRootPharm Soc GB
42043SCHISANDRACEAE Schizandra chinensisSeedsSeedsPharm Soc GB
69566 SCHISANDRACEAE Schizandra chinensisFruits - CHINESE DRUGSFruits - CHINESE DRUGS

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