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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
8804SAXIFRAGACEAE Quintinia spWoodWoodHerbarium Australiense CSIROHoogland RD
8805SAXIFRAGACEAE Quintinia serrataWoodNew ZealandWoodVienna Exhibition 1873
8806SAXIFRAGACEAE Quintinia sieberiWoodAustraliaWoodTechnical Museum, Sydney
21843SAXIFRAGACEAE Quintinia epiphyticaWoodWoodLeidenKalkman
33637SAXIFRAGACEAE Weinmannia racemosaWoodAustraliaWoodPierpont FH
56945SAXIFRAGACEAE Bergenia ligulataRootPakistanRootDalzell NA
56946SAXIFRAGACEAE Bergenia ligulataRootIndiaRoot
56947SAXIFRAGACEAE Bergenia ligulataRootPakistanRootCol & Ind Exhib
56949SAXIFRAGACEAE Heuchera americanaRootUnited StatesRootGoodale Prof
56950SAXIFRAGACEAE Saxifraga florulentaDried plantDried plantGeorge Maw

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