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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
8975RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea caboleWoodWoodHenriques Prof JA
8976RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea caboleWoodWoodHenriques JA
8977RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea gossweileriWoodZambiaWoodMilne-Redhead E
8978RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea gaudichaudianaWoodWoodRidley Hn
8980RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea laurinaWoodSierra LeoneWoodUnwin Dr AH
8981RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophylla laurinaWoodSierra LeoneWoodBritish Empire Exhib.
8982RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea zeylanicaWoodWoodThwaites GHK
8983RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea apetalaWoodWood
8984RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea spWoodNigeriaWoodHerb KewBrenan JPM
8985RHIZOPHORACEAE Anisophyllea spWoodNigeriaWoodHerb KewBrenan JPM

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