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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
1328QUIINACEAE Quiina indigoferaWoodGuyanaWoodFor. Dept.
1329QUIINACEAE Quiina indigoferaWoodGuyanaWoodFor. Dept.
1330QUIINACEAE Lacunaria crenataWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
1331QUIINACEAE Lacunaria crenataWoodSurinameWoodStahel G
19941QUIINACEAE Lacunaria crenataWoodGuyanaWood
19942QUIINACEAE Lacunaria crenataWoodGuyanaWoodBritish Guiana For. Dept.
19943QUIINACEAE Touroulia guianensisWoodGuyanaWood
19944QUIINACEAE Lacunaria jenmaniiWoodGuyanaWood
66693 QUIINACEAE Lacunaria jenmaniiFruitsGuyanaFruitsJenman GS
66694 QUIINACEAE Lacunaria jenmaniiNecklace of Velvet SeedsNecklace of Velvet SeedsThurn EM im

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