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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
51167 PRIMULACEAE Cyclamen purpurascensRootsFranceRootsMenier & Co
51168 PRIMULACEAE Dionysia diapensiifoliaTuftsIndiaTuftsIndia Museum
51169PRIMULACEAE Dionysia spBarkFranceBarkBaillon Prof
51170PRIMULACEAE Dionysia spAfghanistanAitchison Dr
51171PRIMULACEAE Ardisia colorataBarkSri LankaBarkParis Exhib
51172PRIMULACEAE Dionysia bryoidesTuftAfghanistanTuftKing Dr
51173PRIMULACEAE Primula officinalisFlowersUnited KingdomFlowers
51174 PRIMULACEAE Primula officinalisSeedsUnited KingdomSeeds
51985PRIMULACEAE Cyclamen europaeumCormsCormsPharm Soc GB
51991 PRIMULACEAE Primula verisFlowersFlowersPharm Soc GB

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