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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
6052MORINGACEAE Moringa apteraWoodWoodFr Vester & Co.
6053MORINGACEAE Moringa apteraWoodWoodFr Vester & Co.
6054MORINGACEAE Moringa concanensisWoodWoodDalzell NA
6055 MORINGACEAE Moringa oleiferaWoodPakistanWoodStocks Dr
6056MORINGACEAE Moringa spWoodThailandWoodDirector, Department of Forests, Bangkok
21168MORINGACEAE Moringa pterygospermaWoodIndiaWoodGamble JS (Gamble Man)
21169 MORINGACEAE Moringa peregrinaWoodIsraelWoodFahn Dr
26686 MORINGACEAE Moringa peregrinaFruit and seedEgyptFruit and seedPetrie Collection, University CollegeFlinders Petrie W
39147MORINGACEAE Moringa oleiferaSeedSeed
61723MORINGACEAE Moringa concanensisSeedsSeedsGovt Botanic Gardens Saharunpore

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