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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29508MARANTACEAE Donax cannaeformisSplit stemsSolomon IslandsSplit stemsComins Rev RB
29509 MARANTACEAE Calathea luteaLeaves & inflorescenceDominicaLeaves & inflorescenceNicholls Dr
29510 MARANTACEAE Calathea zebrinaFibreMauritiusFibreDespeissis JA
29511 MARANTACEAE Marantochloa spDisintegrated leavesSolomon IslandsDisintegrated leavesWoodford CM
29512 MARANTACEAE Marantochloa spLeavesSolomon IslandsLeavesWoodford CM
29513 MARANTACEAE Donax cannaeformisPortion of stemMalaysiaPortion of stemCarrick John
29514MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaCassava strainerGuyanaCassava strainerBell Miss
29515MARANTACEAE Ischnosiphon aroumaToyGuadaloupeToyCourtnay Bell & Co Messrs
29517MARANTACEAE Maranta arundinaceaArrowrootArrowrootMuseums staff
29518MARANTACEAE Maranta arundinaceaArrowroot starchSaint Vincent and The GrenadinesArrowroot starchInter Rubber Exhib London

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