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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29505IRIDACEAE Watsonia spCorms?IndonesiaCorms?Hanbury D
29753 IRIDACEAE Chasmanthe aethiopicaRope from fibrePortugalRope from fibreJohnson JY
29754IRIDACEAE Antholyza spFibreAustraliaFibreVictorian Comm Inter Exhib
29755 IRIDACEAE Belamcanda chinensisRootsIndiaRootsArcher TC
29756IRIDACEAE Crocus cancellatusBulbsTurkeyBulbsMatthew B RBG Kew
29757IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusDried saffronIndiaDried saffronIndia Museum
29758IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusDried saffronDried saffronHowes FN
29759IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusSaffronIndiaSaffronIndia Museum
29760IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusStamens of SaffronIndiaStamens of SaffronAitchison Dr
29761IRIDACEAE Crocus sativusStigmas and pistils of SaffronIndiaStigmas and pistils of SaffronAitchison Dr

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