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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
38594 GENTIANACEAE Swertia chirayitaStemsStemsPharm Soc GB
38595 GENTIANACEAE Swertia chirayitaBundle of chirataBundle of chirataPharm Soc GB
48957 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium ramosissimumHerbChileHerbPharm Soc GB
48958 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium cachanlahuenStemsChileStemsGreenish Prof
48959 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium texensePlantMexicoPlantJenkin & Phillips
48960 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium roxburghiiPlantIndiaPlantIndia Museum
48961 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium erythraeaMedicinal HerbMedicinal HerbBrooks & Co R, 27 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, WC2
48962 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium spicatumPlantAustraliaPlantCampbell Roland, Cash Storekeeper
48963 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium calycosumHerbUnited StatesHerbNat Museum, USA
48964 GENTIANACEAE Centaurium roxburghiiIndiaPharm Soc GB

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