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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
34479 ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon willdenovianumIndonesiaParis Univ Exhib
34480ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon sexangulareFruitTaiwanFruitWatters T
34481ERIOCAULACEAE Paepalanthus spEntire plantBrazilEntire plantGlaziou M
34551ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon aquaticumMatted DebrisUnited KingdomMatted DebrisDyer Prof WtFox HE
34631ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon spPithVietnamPithPharm Soc GB
34644ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon willdenovianumFlowersSingaporeFlowersPharm Soc GB
34653ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon willdenovianumHerbIndonesiaHerbPharm Soc GB
34657ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon cantonienseInflorescenceInflorescencePharm Soc GB
34668ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon quinquangulareHerbSri LankaHerbPharm Soc GB
69372ERIOCAULACEAE Eriocaulon willdenovianumFlower heads - CHINESE DRUGSSingaporeFlower heads - CHINESE DRUGS

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