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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
18223EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra alteWoodAfghanistanWoodAitchison Surg. Major
18224EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra alteWoodWoodAitchison Surg. Major (Dr.)
18225EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra alataWoodAlgeriaWoodBourgeau M
18226EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra altissimaWoodAlgeriaWoodBourgeau M
18227EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra altissimaWoodAlgeriaWoodPlayfair Lt. Col.
18228EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra fragilisWoodAlgeriaWoodPlayfair Lt. Col.
18229EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra fragilisWoodIsraelWoodVester Fr. & Co.
18230EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra campylopodaWoodIsraelWoodVester Fr. & Co.
18231EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra campylopodaWoodIsraelWoodVester Fr. & Co.
18232EPHEDRACEAE Ephedra californicaWoodUnited StatesWood

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