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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
30782 DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium barometzHairs from young frondsHairs from young frondsDe Vriese Prof.
30783 DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium barometzStipesIndonesiaStipesHanbury D
30784 DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium chamissoiPetioleUnited StatesPetiole
30785 DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium regaleStipesBrazilStipesPatin Charles
30786DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium spUnited StatesWilson WF
30787DICKSONIACEAE Dicksonia antarcticaAustraliaVon Mueller Baron
30788DICKSONIACEAE Dicksonia antarcticaSection of StemSection of Stem
30789DICKSONIACEAE Dicksonia antarcticaTransverse section of StemAustraliaTransverse section of StemDenison Sir William
30790DICKSONIACEAE Dicksonia antarcticaLonitudinal Section through HeartAustraliaLonitudinal Section through HeartDenison Sir William
30791 DICKSONIACEAE Cibotium barometzHairs from the StipesHairs from the StipesFranco-British Exhib.

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