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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26516CYPERACEAE Cyperus papyrusWoven pithEgyptWoven pithHepper FN
26523CYPERACEAE Cyperus papyrusHead pads (from Papyrus pith)?EgyptHead pads (from Papyrus pith)?Hepper FNMartin GT
26528 CYPERACEAE Cyperus papyrusReed/Rush SieveEgyptReed/Rush SieveBM (Nat. Hist.) Botany Dept.
26537CYPERACEAE Scirpus maritimusFlowering and fruiting headsEgyptFlowering and fruiting headsBM (Nat. Hist.)Flinders Petrie W
26582CYPERACEAE Cyperus esculentusTuberEgyptTuberHepper FNMartin GT
26583 CYPERACEAE Cyperus esculentusCormsEgyptCormsUniversity College London
26585CYPERACEAE EgyptBabington Rev Churchill
26586CYPERACEAE Cyperus papyrusEgyptWM Flinders PetrieFlinders Petrie W
26590CYPERACEAE Cyperus papyrusChild's ball?EgyptChild's ball?
26591CYPERACEAE Cyperus spTubersEgyptTubersPetrie CollectionFlinders Petrie W

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