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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10563CUCURBITACEAE Cucumis prophetarumWoodEgyptWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)Schweinfurth GA
10564CUCURBITACEAE Cucumis prophetarumWoodEgyptWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)Schweinfurth GA
10565 CUCURBITACEAE Corallocarpus gijefWoodEgyptWoodBM (Nat. Hist.)Schweinfurth GA
10566CUCURBITACEAE Dendrosicyos socotranusWoodYemenWoodHerb. KewSmith AR, Lavranos J
10567CUCURBITACEAE Dendrosicyos socotranusWoodYemenWoodHerb. KewSmith AR, Lavranos J
26639CUCURBITACEAE Citrullus colocynthisPortion of a fruit of 'Colocynth'EgyptPortion of a fruit of 'Colocynth'Douglas Hamilton The Ven HA
26658CUCURBITACEAE Lagenaria sicerariaGourdEgyptGourdBM (Nat. Hist.)Flinders Petrie W
26904CUCURBITACEAE Cucurbita maximaFruitZimbabweFruitWild Dr H
26910CUCURBITACEAE Citrullus vulgarisSeedZimbabweSeedWild Dr H
37816CUCURBITACEAE Lagenaria spPipe made from a gourdZimbabwePipe made from a gourdBowhill J

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