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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
36446COLCHICACEAE Kingia australisPlantAustraliaPlantBrown Robert (from the collection)
36455COLCHICACEAE Calectasia cyaneaInflorescencesAustraliaInflorescencesBanbury Miss
36458COLCHICACEAE Baxteria australisPlantAustraliaPlant
36459 COLCHICACEAE Baxteria australisWhole plantAustraliaWhole plant
36460COLCHICACEAE Dasypogon hookeriWhole plantAustraliaWhole plantMueller Baron von
36471COLCHICACEAE Colchicum variegatumCormsCormsPharm Soc GB
36472COLCHICACEAE Colchicum autumnaleCormsCormsPharm Soc GB
36491COLCHICACEAE Colchicum luteumCormsCormsPharm Soc GB
36538COLCHICACEAE Colchicum montanumCormsCormsPharm Soc GB
36539COLCHICACEAE Colchicum spCormsIndiaCormsPharm Soc GB

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