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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
589CISTACEAE Cistus rubrifoliusWoodIsraelWoodVester F & Co
19744CISTACEAE Cistus ladaniferusWoodAlgeriaWoodPlayfair Lt. Col.
19745CISTACEAE Cistus ladaniferusWoodAlgeriaWoodPlayfair Lt. Col.
40199CISTACEAE Cistus albidusWoodItalyWoodXylotomotheca Italica (Curante Adr Fiori)
40200CISTACEAE Cistus incanusWoodItalyWoodXylotomotheca Italica (Curante Adr Fiori)
40201CISTACEAE Cistus laurifoliusWoodItalyWoodXylotomotheca Italica
40202CISTACEAE Cistus monspeliensisWoodItalyWoodXylotomotheca Italica (Curante Adr Fiori)
40203CISTACEAE Helianthemum halimifoliumWoodItalyWoodXylotomotheca Italica (Curante Adr Fiori)
40487CISTACEAE Cistus salvifoliusItalyXylotomotheca Italica (Curante Adr Fiori)
67145CISTACEAE Cistus ladaniferusResinSpainResinHeruck Dr Henri van

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