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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
14212CHLORANTHACEAE Ascarina maheshwariiWoodSolomon IslandsWoodHerbarium Australiense CSIROSchodde R, Craven LA
14213CHLORANTHACEAE Ascarina philippinensisWoodWoodLeidenKalkman
14214CHLORANTHACEAE Ascarina philippinensisWoodWoodNorth Borneo Forestry Department, Sandakan S.H.
14215CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum scabrumWoodWoodSmithsonian Inst.
14216 CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum granizoWoodColombiaWoodDawe MT
45488CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum burgoyniiBarkVenezuelaBarkSchuchardt Dr Theodor
45489CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum burgoyniiBarkVenezuelaBarkSchuchardt Dr Theodor, Gorlitz
45490CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum nutansEssential oil from dry leavesJamaicaEssential oil from dry leavesCol & Ind Exhib 1886
45491CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum nutansEssential oil from green leavesJamaicaEssential oil from green leavesCol & Ind Exhib 1886
45492CHLORANTHACEAE Hedyosmum nutansLeavesJamaicaLeavesCol & Ind Exhib 1886

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