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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26389BROMELIACEAE Puya westiiWoodPeruWoodUgent D
29669 BROMELIACEAE Aechmea sphaerocephalaFruitsVenezuelaFruitsHarman FE
29670BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusMeat marinadeMeat marinadeRBG Kew Museum staff
29671BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusDiced pineapplePhilippinesDiced pineappleReed B, Red V Foods
29672BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusFabric from Pineapple fibrePhilippinesFabric from Pineapple fibreInter Rubber Exhib London
29673BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusPineapple fibrePineapple fibreCarlton Works, Hackney Road
29674BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusPineapple fibreIndonesiaPineapple fibreHenshall J
29675 BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusThread from Pineapple fibreIndiaThread from Pineapple fibreParis Exhib 1900
29676BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusFibreGuyanaFibreim-Thurn EF
29677BROMELIACEAE Ananas comosusPineapple fibreGhanaPineapple fibreBritish Empire Exhib

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