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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
13323BORAGINACEAE Auxemma oncocalyxWoodBrazilWoodFund. Inst. Tech. Est. Pernambuco (ITEP)
13324BORAGINACEAE Bourreria havanensisWoodUnited StatesWoodSargent Prof CS
13325BORAGINACEAE Bourreria havanensisWoodUnited StatesWoodCurtiss A
13326BORAGINACEAE Bourreria ovataWoodUnited StatesWood
13327BORAGINACEAE Bourreria ovataWoodUnited StatesWoodScott M
13328BORAGINACEAE Bourreria revolutaWoodUnited StatesWoodScott M
13329BORAGINACEAE Bourreria spWoodMexicoWoodInst. de Invest. Recursos Bioticos, MexicoMorales Josefina Barajas
13330BORAGINACEAE Bourreria succulentaWoodJamaicaWood
13331BORAGINACEAE Bourreria ovataWoodBahamasWoodEggers Baron
13332BORAGINACEAE Echium leucophaeumWoodWoodBourgeau M

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