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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
30860 BLECHNACEAE Blechnum magellanicumSt. HelenaWilliam Grant Milne
30861BLECHNACEAE Blechnum brasilienseBrazilMartius Dr
30862 BLECHNACEAE Blechnum gibbumNew Caledonia
30863BLECHNACEAE Brainea insignisHooker Sir JD
30864BLECHNACEAE Brainea insignisSection of stemHong KongSection of stemPullinger
30865BLECHNACEAE Brainea insignisL.S and T.S of a tree fernHong KongL.S and T.S of a tree fernBraine CJ
30866 BLECHNACEAE Blechnum binervatumStemStem
30867BLECHNACEAE Brainea insignisPortion of stemHong KongPortion of stemPullinger
30868 BLECHNACEAE Lomaria boryanaStemSt. HelenaStemWilliam Grant Milne
31226BLECHNACEAE Blechnum spFrondsFijiFrondsPharm Soc GB

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