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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
17259BETULACEAE Alnus acuminataWoodMexicoWoodInst. de Invest. Recursos Bioticos, MexicoEchinique Ramon M
17260BETULACEAE Alnus cordifoliaWoodItalyWood
17261BETULACEAE Alnus firmaWoodJapanWoodFor. Exhib. Edinburgh 1884
17262BETULACEAE Alnus firmifoliaWoodMexicoWoodInstituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales
17263BETULACEAE Alnus formosanaWoodChinaWoodKunming Branch Institute of Botany
17264BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodWoodHerbert Col Sir Ivor
17265BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodUnited KingdomWoodEarl of Derby
17266BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodUnited KingdomWoodPierpont FH
17267BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodDenmarkWoodInter. Exhib.
17268BETULACEAE Alnus glutinosaWoodWood

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