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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
25025 BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora involucrataGall and woodIndiaGall and woodHooker Sir JD
44680BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora abbreviataPortions of PlantIndiaPortions of PlantIndia Museum
44681BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora elongataPortion of PlantIndonesiaPortion of PlantMotley J
44682BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora fungosaPortion of PlantChinaPortion of PlantSwinhoe R
44683BALANOPHORACEAE Rhopalocnemis phalloidesHooker DrJ.D.H., T.T.
44684 BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora involucrataPortions of PlantsIndiaPortions of PlantsHooker Sir JD
44685BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora elongataPortions of plantIndonesiaPortions of plantLobb T
44686BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora involucrataPortion of PlantIndiaPortion of PlantHooker Sir JD
44687BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora elongataCandles made from the waxIndonesiaCandles made from the waxAnderson Dr,Calcutta Botanic Gardens
44688BALANOPHORACEAE Balanophora spCandles made from resinColombiaCandles made from resinPurdie W

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