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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
27047ASPLENIACEAE Glossopteris spFossil fernFossil fernHaines J
30856 ASPLENIACEAE Asplenium ceterachUnited Kingdom
30857ASPLENIACEAE Asplenium filix-foeminaRootUnited StatesRootGoodale Prof
30858 ASPLENIACEAE Diplazium radicansBrazilMartius Dr
30859 ASPLENIACEAE Diplazium cristatumBrazilMartius Dr
30869ASPLENIACEAE Lecanopteris carnosaPlantUnited KingdomPlant
30870ASPLENIACEAE Polypodium laevigatumArgentinaPlanchon MG
30871 ASPLENIACEAE Polypodium phyllitidisVenezuelaBirschel FW
30873ASPLENIACEAE Polypodium repandumSliced caudexSliced caudexWatters T HM Consul
30874ASPLENIACEAE Polypodium vulgareRootUnited KingdomRoot

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