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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
979 TAMARICACEAE Tamarix aphyllaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co.
992TAMARICACEAE Tamarix gallicaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr. & Co.
997TAMARICACEAE Tamarix jordanisWoodJordanWoodVester Fr. & Co.
1011GUTTIFERAE Tamarix tetragynaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr. & Co.
1012GUTTIFERAE Tamarix tetragynaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co
3268RUTACEAE Citrus aurantiumWoodJordanWoodVester F. & Co.
3273RUTACEAE Citrus aurantiumWoodJordanWoodVester F & Co
3618BALANITACEAE Balanites aegyptiacaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co
3621BALANITACEAE Balanites aegyptiacaWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co
5062RHAMNACEAE Zizyphus spina-christiWoodJordanWoodVester Fr & Co

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