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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
248ANNONACEAE Annona montanaWoodJamaicaWoodMarch WT
251ANNONACEAE Annona palustrisWoodJamaicaWoodJenman GS
354ANNONACEAE Oxandra lanceolataWoodJamaicaWoodSmithsonian Inst
510PAPAVERACEAE Bocconia frutescensWoodJamaicaWoodFawcett W
529CAPPARACEAE Capparis cyanophallophoraWoodJamaicaWood
562CAPPARACEAE Crataeva gynandraWoodJamaicaWoodFawcett W
608CANELLACEAE Canella albaWoodJamaicaWoodParis Exhib.
651FLACOURTIACEAE Casearia guianensisWoodJamaicaWood
771FLACOURTIACEAE Laetia thanniaWoodJamaicaWood
892POLYGALACEAE Badiera diversifoliaWoodJamaicaWoodMarch WT

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