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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
806 FLACOURTIACEAE Scolopia crenataWoodHong KongWoodBot. Gard. Hong KongFord C
1347THEACEAE Camellia reticulataWoodHong KongWoodFord C
1348THEACEAE Camellia reticulataWoodHong KongWoodFord C
1370THEACEAE Gordonia anomalaWoodHong KongWoodFord C
1435PENTAPHYLACACEAE Pentaphylax euryoidesWoodHong KongWood
3005ELAEOCARPACEAE Elaeocarpus lanceaefoliusWoodHong KongWoodFord C
3208RUTACEAE Acronychia laurifoliaWoodHong KongWoodFord C
4640AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex cinereaWoodHong KongWoodFord C
4641AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex cinereaWoodHong KongWoodFord C
4652AQUIFOLIACEAE Ilex gracilifloraWoodHong KongWoodFord C

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