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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
274ANNONACEAE Isolona bruneeliiWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca, Jardim e Museu Agricola, Lisboa
438ANNONACEAE Xylopia toussaintiiWoodAngolaWoodMEFA
574CAPPARACEAE Maerua angolensisWoodAngolaWoodWelwitsch DrWelwitsch Dr
903POLYGALACEAE Securidaca welwitschiiWoodAngolaWoodWelwitsch Dr
1256GUTTIFERAE Mammea africanaWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca Jardim e Museu Agricola do Ultramar
1416GUTTIFERAE Pentadesma leptonemaWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca, Jardim e Museu Agricola, Lisboa
3100IRVINGIACEAE Irvingia roburWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca, Jardim e Museu Agricola, Lisboa
3545IXONANTHACEAE Klainedoxa garbonensisWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca, Jardim e Museu Agricola, Lisboa
3736BURSERACEAE Canarium spWoodAngolaWoodDawe MT
3778BURSERACEAE Dacryodes pubescensWoodAngolaWoodXiloteca, Jardim e Museu Agricola, Lisboa

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