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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
311 ANNONACEAE Guatteria cestrifoliaWoodColombiaWoodNational Univ. of Colombia
321ANNONACEAE Guatteria amplifoliaWoodColombiaWoodSprague TA
398 ANNONACEAE Rollinia spWoodColombiaWood
663FLACOURTIACEAE Carpotroche pacificaWoodColombiaWoodForest Products Laboratory, Madison, WisconsinCuatrecasas J
796 FLACOURTIACEAE Ryania chocoensisWoodColombiaWoodForest Products Laboratory, Madison, WisconsinCuatrecasas J
917 NONE Qualea retusaWoodColombiaWoodNational Univ. of Colombia
1130GUTTIFERAE Caraipa llanorumWoodColombiaWoodNational Univ. of Colombia
1320 GUTTIFERAE Vismia confertifloraWoodColombiaWoodSprague TA
2509BOMBACACEAE Matisia dowdingiiWoodColombiaWoodSprague TA
2510BOMBACACEAE Matisia dowdingiiWoodColombiaWoodSprague TA

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