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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29581 MUSACEAE Musa paradisiacaPortion of Banana leaf sheath and plaitAntigua and BarbudaPortion of Banana leaf sheath and plaitTilson AG
29968AGAVACEAE Furcraea giganteaSea retted fibreAntigua and BarbudaSea retted fibreTillson AG
32365POACEAE Paspalum virgatumRopeAntigua and BarbudaRopeTillson AG
32366POACEAE Paspalum virgatumRopeAntigua and BarbudaRopeTillson AG
32367POACEAE Paspalum virgatumLeavesAntigua and BarbudaLeavesTillson AG
32452POACEAE Saccharum Popelano SugarAntigua and BarbudaPopelano SugarOldham J
35264 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumPalm waxAntigua and BarbudaPalm waxJervis WR
35275PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumCandles of palm waxAntigua and BarbudaCandles of palm waxJervis WR
35278 PALMAE Ceroxylon alpinumPalm wax mixed with tallowAntigua and BarbudaPalm wax mixed with tallowJervis WR
36870DRACAENACEAE Sansevieria sulcataFibreAntigua and BarbudaFibreTillson AG, Bot Station, Antigua

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