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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
4261MELIACEAE Lovoa trichilioidesWoodIvory CoastWoodRichardson J
4262MELIACEAE Lovoa trichilioidesWoodIvory CoastWoodRichardson J
8682 CHRYSOBALANACEAE Dactyladenia barteriWoodIvory CoastWoodHerb. KewOldman R
20899SAPINDACEAE Chytranthus mangenotiiWoodIvory CoastWoodBamps
20900SAPINDACEAE Chytranthus mangenotiiWoodIvory CoastWoodBamps
20901SAPINDACEAE Chytranthus mangenotiiWoodIvory CoastWoodBamps
24848APOCYNACEAE Landolphia owariensisWood and exudateIvory CoastWood and exudateChandler A
26178MELIACEAE Lovoa klaineanaDuplicateIvory CoastDuplicateRichardson J
26179MELIACEAE Lovoa klaineanaDuplicateIvory CoastDuplicateRichardson J
35108PALMAE Borassus aethiopumSpadix and SpatheIvory CoastSpadix and SpatheLeeuwenberg AJM

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