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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
27790 PINACEAE Picea smithianaConesBhutanConesLeman Dr
28371PINACEAE Pinus roxburghiiCones and foliageBhutanCones and foliageHerb. Griffith
28487 PINACEAE Pinus wallichianaCones and seedsBhutanCones and seedsLeman Dr
36807 LILIACEAE Cardiocrinum giganteumFruit and seedsBhutanFruit and seedsGriffith Herb. (Dr Griffith's Collection)
65463MALVACEAE Gossypium spClothBhutanClothHooker Sir JD
65616MALVACEAE Gossypium spCotton clothBhutanCotton clothHooker Sir JD
73827 POACEAE Dendrocalamus hamiltoniiBeer containerBhutanBeer containerBarrow S, et al
73828 POACEAE Neomicrocalamus andropogonifoliusBasketBhutanBasketBarrow S
79127CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus squamataYak's nose ringBhutanYak's nose ringWilliam MillikenWilliam Milliken
90229THELYPTERIDACEAE Christella sp.Pat of yeast on base of fern frondsBhutanPat of yeast on base of fern frondsMilliken WMilliken W

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