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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
19191CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaWoodBermudaWoodDean John
19193CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaWoodBermudaWoodFPRL
19196CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaWood and rootBermudaWood and rootKeane Charles
25091CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaWoodBermudaWoodKeane Chas
25202 CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaGall and woodBermudaGall and woodKent EN
30122 NONE Melobesia agariciformisBermudaLefroy General
30140 NONE Melobesia agariciformisFlat variety.BermudaFlat variety.Lefroy General
31594CUPRESSACEAE Juniperus bermudianaWoodBermudaWoodGeneral Lefroy
36312PALMAE Sabal palmettoPlaits from leaves of Palmetto PalmBermudaPlaits from leaves of Palmetto PalmKeane C
37066MARANTACEAE Maranta arundinaceaStarchBermudaStarchPharm Soc GB

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