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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
2503 BOMBACACEAE Eriodendron anfractuosumWoodBeninWoodUnwin Dr
26348PALMAE Raphia viniferaWoodBeninWoodFHIRedhead
29068ZAMIACEAE Encephalartos barteriConesBeninConesPoisson K
34595JUNCACEAE Juncus maritimusPortion of MatBeninPortion of MatPoisson Eng
35587PALMAE Elaeis guineensisNuts of Oil PalmBeninNuts of Oil PalmFranco-British Exhib
35620PALMAE Elaeis guineensisKernels of Oil PalmBeninKernels of Oil PalmFranco British Exhib 1908
35621PALMAE Elaeis guineensisFruits of Oil PalmBeninFruits of Oil PalmFranco British Exhib 1908
36173PALMAE Raphia viniferaSpadixBeninSpadixFHI
36235PALMAE Raphia viniferaFruits of OhaBeninFruits of OhaFHI
36307PALMAE Raphia spPortion of petiole & leafBeninPortion of petiole & leafFHIRedhead JF

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