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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
17390CORYLACEAE Carpinus orientalisWoodYugoslaviaWoodBalkan States Exhib., London 1907
17406CORYLACEAE Corylus colurnaWoodYugoslaviaWoodImp. Inst., Balkan States Exhib., 1907
27745PINACEAE Picea omoricaConesYugoslaviaConesNicholson GPancic Dr J
28241PINACEAE Pinus peuceCone and FoliageYugoslaviaCone and FoliagePancic Dr
28243PINACEAE Pinus peuceCones and foliageYugoslaviaCones and foliageHaage
28246PINACEAE Pinus peuceCones and foliageYugoslaviaCones and foliageHeldreich Th de
29774IRIDACEAE Iris florentinaRootYugoslaviaRootZimmermann A & M
30849DRYOPTERIDACEAE Dryopteris filix-masRhizomes of male fernYugoslaviaRhizomes of male fernMacfarlan & Co JF
38972FAGACEAE Castanea sativaUnfinished Walking Stick of ChestnutYugoslaviaUnfinished Walking Stick of ChestnutHowell Henry & CoHowell Henry & Co
43430CANNABACEAE Cannabis sativaRopes of hempYugoslaviaRopes of hempEarls Court, Balkan States Exhibition

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