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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
346ANNONACEAE Monodora myristicaWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
416ANNONACEAE Xylopia aethiopicaWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
615CANELLACEAE Warburgia ugandensisWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
1231GUTTIFERAE Garcinia spWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
1311GUTTIFERAE Symphonia globuliferaWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
2538STERCULIACEAE Cola bracteataWoodUgandaWoodHerb. KewHoyle
2556STERCULIACEAE Dombeya mukoleWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
2557STERCULIACEAE Dombeya runsordensisWoodUgandaWoodDawe MT
2709STERCULIACEAE Sterculia daweiWoodUgandaWoodUganda Foresty Dept.Fraser N
3239RUTACEAE Balsamocitrus daweiWoodUgandaWoodFor. Dept. Kampala

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