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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
6110LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Andira inermisWoodEl SalvadorWood
6412LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Gliricidia sepiumWoodEl SalvadorWood
6476LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Lonchocarpus michelianusWoodEl SalvadorWood
7312LEGUMINOSAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Hymenaea courbarilWoodEl SalvadorWood
9187COMBRETACEAE Terminalia amazoniaWoodEl SalvadorWood
10979RUBIACEAE Calderonia salvadorensisWoodEl SalvadorWood
11518COMPOSITAE Perymenium strigillosumWoodEl SalvadorWood
38276LEGUMINOSAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Lonchocarpus spWoodEl SalvadorWoodLewis GPLewis GP, Hughes CE
38280LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Lysiloma acapulcenseWoodEl SalvadorWoodLewis GPLewis GP, Hughes CE, Pfeiffer-Berendsohn B, Reyna de Aguilar ML
38284LEGUMINOSAE-MIMOSOIDEAE Leucaena shannoniiWoodEl SalvadorWoodLewis GP, Herb KewHughes CE, Lewis GP

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