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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
32454POACEAE Saccharum Sugar Cane SetsBarbadosSugar Cane SetsSpencer's, Barbados
32471POACEAE Saccharum Barbados SugarBarbadosBarbados SugarOgilvie R
33557POACEAE Zea maysFemale spike of maize with male flowersBarbadosFemale spike of maize with male flowersBoyd WC
34869PALMAE Roystonea oleraceaBasket of leaf sheath split verticallyBarbadosBasket of leaf sheath split verticallyBannochie Mrs L
36537 ALOACEAE Aloe barbadensisExudateBarbadosExudatePharm Soc GB
36723ALOACEAE Aloe veraBarbadoes aloesBarbadosBarbadoes aloesDrew & Co
36901DRACAENACEAE Sansevieria lanuginosaFibre from LeavesBarbadosFibre from LeavesColonial Office
37156ZINGIBERACEAE Zingiber officinaleGingerBarbadosGingerPharm Soc GB
38695PALMAE Cocos nuciferaMat of woven leaves, midribs attached.BarbadosMat of woven leaves, midribs attached.Bannochie Mrs I
46479BIGNONIACEAE Crescentia cujeteJar made of calabashBarbadosJar made of calabashBlagg TW

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