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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29062CYCADACEAE Cycas circinalisScales and fruitNetherlandsScales and fruitHort. Bot. Amsterdam
30634FAMILY UNKNOWN LitmusNetherlandsLitmusHanbury D
34397CYPERACEAE Scirpus lacustrisPatent Bottle EnvelopeNetherlandsPatent Bottle EnvelopeHenslow Rev Prof
41403SALICACEAE Salix spDutch SabotsNetherlandsDutch SabotsClayden Thomas
43410CANNABACEAE Sulphur matchesNetherlandsSulphur matchesGreshoff Dr M
47169LAURACEAE Cinnamomum burmanniBarkNetherlandsBarkPharm Soc GB
48536SOLANACEAE Solanum tuberosumRice PaperNetherlandsRice Paper
51864COMPOSITAE Artemisia cinaInflorescenceNetherlandsInflorescencePharm Soc GB
55926UMBELLIFERAE Carum carviSeedsNetherlandsSeedsPharm Soc GB
55938UMBELLIFERAE Carum caruiSeedsNetherlandsSeedsPharm Soc GB

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