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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
605CANELLACEAE Canella albaWoodMontserratWoodMorris Sir D
10022MYRTACEAE Pimenta acris varWoodMontserratWoodMorris Sir D
10025MYRTACEAE Pimenta acrisWoodMontserratWoodMorris Sir D
13771BIGNONIACEAE Tecoma leucoxylonWoodMontserratWoodHollings Spencer
29267ORCHIDACEAE Vanilla planifoliaVanilla podsMontserratVanilla podsSturge J
29558MUSACEAE Musa paradisiacaPlantain mealMontserratPlantain mealLiverpool Exhib.
29561MUSACEAE Musa paradisiacaPlantain fibreMontserratPlantain fibre
29591MUSACEAE Musa sapientumFlour from fruitsMontserratFlour from fruitsLiverpool Exhib.
29762 IRIDACEAE Eleutherine bulbosaDried cormsMontserratDried cormsCol & Indian Exhib 1886
29921AGAVACEAE Agave sisalanaFibre and ropeMontserratFibre and ropeMorris Sir D (Liverpool Exhib)

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