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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
10RANUNCULACEAE Clematis simensisWoodKenyaWoodHerb KewBally PRO
431ANNONACEAE Xylopia holtziiWoodKenyaWoodHerb. KewDrummond RB, Hemsley JH
479MENISPERMACEAE Triclisia sacleuxiiWoodKenyaWoodHerb.KewVerdcourt B
481MENISPERMACEAE Tiliacora spWoodKenyaWoodHerb.KewFaden RB, Faden AJ, Gillett JB, Gachathi N
614CANELLACEAE Warburgia ugandensisWoodKenyaWood
637FLACOURTIACEAE Casearia battiscombeiWoodKenyaWood
643FLACOURTIACEAE Casearia engleriWoodKenyaWood
890PITTOSPORACEAE Pittosporum abyssinicumWoodKenyaWood
1164GUTTIFERAE Harungana madagascariensisWoodKenyaWoodIFI
1183GUTTIFERAE Garcinia gerrardiiWoodKenyaWood

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