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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26767 POACEAE Saccharum spontaneumEgyptBM (Nat. Hist.)Flinders Petrie W
31968 POACEAE Saccharum ravennaeSaudi ArabiaBent ExpeditionTunt W
32371POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumCordage made of Munj FibreIndiaCordage made of Munj FibreCol & Ind Exhib 1886
32425 POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumSeedIndiaSeedAmsterdam Exhib
32426 POACEAE Saccharum officinarumPlaits made from pieces of Sugar CanePlaits made from pieces of Sugar Cane
32427 POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumNecklace of 'Sarpat' StrawIndiaNecklace of 'Sarpat' StrawDuthie JF
32428POACEAE Saccharum officinarumPhilippinesWitchell CG
32429POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumTwineIndiaTwineIndia Museum
32430POACEAE Saccharum arundinaceumRope from fibreIndiaRope from fibreKing Sir Geo, KCIE
32432POACEAE Saccharum "Copraline" Coconut and MolassesGuyana"Copraline" Coconut and MolassesBr Indust Fair

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