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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
26341PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaWoodWood
36043PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaPipe made of Vegetable IvoryPipe made of Vegetable IvoryTudge HE
36045PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpa'Ollitas' Models made of Vegetable Ivory'Ollitas' Models made of Vegetable IvorySpruce, RichardSpruce, Richard
36046PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaShavings from seedsShavings from seedsBennett Dr
36048PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaModel of Temple made of Vegetable Ivory NutsModel of Temple made of Vegetable Ivory NutsTaylor R
36049PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaVegetable Ivory NutsVegetable Ivory NutsGrace Produce Co Ltd
36050PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaSeeds of Vegetable IvoryColombiaSeeds of Vegetable IvoryDawe MT
36051PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaSeeds of Vegetable Ivory PalmGuatemalaSeeds of Vegetable Ivory PalmSutton Hayes
36052PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaSeeds of Ivory Nut PalmDominicaSeeds of Ivory Nut PalmInt Rubber Exhib
36053PALMAE Phytelephas macrocarpaYellow form of the fruitsColombiaYellow form of the fruitsPatin C

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