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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
35928PALMAE Nypa fruticansFruitsFruits
35929PALMAE Nypa fruticansCigarette WrappersCigarette WrappersBurbidge FW
35930PALMAE Nypa fruticansYoung SpadixYoung SpadixMotley J
35931PALMAE Nypa fruticansPaperstuff made from leaf stalksIndiaPaperstuff made from leaf stalksIndian Office
35932PALMAE Nypa fruticansCigarette WrappersMalaysiaCigarette WrappersHowes FN
35933 PALMAE Nypa fruticansStrips of LeafMalaysiaStrips of LeafBritish Empire Exhib
35934PALMAE Nypa fruticansFruitAustraliaFruitPink J
35935PALMAE Nypa fruticansFruitsSolomon IslandsFruitsGuppy HB
35940PALMAE Nypa fruticansFruitsMalaysiaFruitsNorris Sir W
35944PALMAE Nypa fruticansNipa SugarMalaysiaNipa SugarNipa Distilleries Ltd

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