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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
35918PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumSeedsMauritiusSeedsBotanic Garden, Mauritius
35922PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumFibreMauritiusFibreDespeissis JA
35949PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumPortions of PetioleSeychellesPortions of PetioleJeffrey CJeffrey C
35950PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumPetioleSeychellesPetioleJeffreyJeffrey C
38733PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumBases of PetiolesMauritiusBases of PetiolesHorne J
38776PALMAE Nephrosperma vanhoutteanumPetioleSeychellesPetioleJeffrey CJeffrey C
38820PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumSpathe and SpadixMauritiusSpathe and SpadixHorne J
40169 PALMAE Nephrosperma van-houtteanumLeafMauritiusLeafHorne J

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