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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
39642SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinalisSeedSeedSmith RL, Cardiff
39643SOLANACEAE Mandragora spSeedMoroccoSeed
47416SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumPortions of rootsPortions of rootsPharm Soc GB
47817SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumRootSpainRootPharm Soc GB
48074SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumFruitsUnited KingdomFruitsBaines
48075SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumSeedsUnited KingdomSeedsHolmes EM
48076SOLANACEAE Mandragora autumnalisFruitAustriaFruitReichenbach Dr
48081SOLANACEAE Mandragora autumnalisRootsGreeceRootsWyse Miss
48083SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumRoots on stringGreeceRoots on string
48084SOLANACEAE Mandragora officinarumRootRootInglis Mrs MK, Kilry Mont St Andrews

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