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Catalogue Number Image Taxon Artefact Name IsoCountry Plant Part Held Donor Collector
29458ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumFibreFibreClayton Beadle
29459ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumPaperUgandaPaperBritish Empire Exhib.
29461ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumFibre and paperBrazilFibre and paperClayton, Beadle & Steven Messrs, 15 Boroough
29462ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumRhizomesDominicaRhizomesCol & Ind Exhib
29463ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumBleached and unbleached paperBleached and unbleached paperClayton, Beadle & Stevens Messrs
29464ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumStem & leavesBrazilStem & leavesGomm HH
29465ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumFibre for paper makingFibre for paper making
29466ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium coronariumPaperPaperClayton, Beadle & Stevens Messrs
29467ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium spicatumSliced rhizomeIndiaSliced rhizome
29468ZINGIBERACEAE Hedychium spicatumPaper made from stemsSri LankaPaper made from stemsInter. Rubber Exhib., London 1914

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